Could I reasonably get my male mouse a female friend(s) without them breeding? Leave a comment

I’ve had a male mouse for a while now and he seems pretty happy all around. Though, I was wondering if, with the right precautions, I could get him a female friend. I’ve done some research and I know that you shouldn’t bring males together as they will fight, but if I just let them be together they’ll breed.

Females may get lonely if they don’t have someone to play with, but does that apply if there’s a male?

Typically males and females may fight, but it’s rarely serious. If I had finebars Or a clear barrier between them, could I give him a female counterpart?

EDIT: Really sorry, I put the wrong flair. This is a question post.

EDIT 2: I’m looking at getting him neutered as we speak, it’s a little expensive but ultimately if it makes him unable to father children I think that’s worth it.

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